An effective oral hygiene is easy to keep up, just start today with a few simple steps

Stella White

Since 2007, Stella White focus on offering a wide selection of products that maximizes your oral hygiene and gives you a cleaner and fresher mouth without any cavities, bacteria and plaque.

Philosophy runs

Biovène’s Philosophy runs on the principle that nature and science combined creates affordable exclusive cosmetic products. The purest ingredients are sourced from nature to unlock the full potential.

Science and technology have now advanced to such a degree that it can now be used to enhance all of the benefits that nature has to give.


We use only the very best raw materials to source our ingredients and use environmentally friendly packaging.


Ancient remedies combined with years of scientific research has resulted in the cutting edge high end products we deliver today.


In accordance with European regulations, Biovène products undergo strict clinical safety testing to ensure that each formula is safe and reliable. You can always be sure that we use ingredients that work and are effective.

We are passionate about delivering only the finest quality organic products from all over the globe to you. Our organic produce has met the highest standards and is brought to you with the utmost care from the local farmers. We believe, simplicity is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a happy life, just as the nature intended!

organic products

SDA Gida Tarim

Grupa Otmuchow

We are one of the leading Polish producers of sweets, including chocolate candies, halva, marshmallow, hard and filled candies gummies and bars, breakfast cereals and salty snacks.

We own two main brands: ODRA and FREEYU. The first one is a brand with over 70 years of tradition. Under the brand ODRA we can find such popular products as: halva, Duetki (marshmallow and jelly in chocolate), marshmallows and jelly in chocolate “Opolanki”.